Aromatic Oil Extractor

Chemplant Stainless Ltd.

This piece of equipment uses a unique process of solvent extraction at ambient temperatures and low pressure to extract fine aromatic oils from a vast range of plant raw-materials. The quality of the natural extracted oils is unsurpassed and higher yields are consistently obtained.







The revolutionary extraction process offers:

  1. Enhanced product quality,

  2. in higher yields,

  3. at low pressures and temperatures.

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The process is used to extract a vast range of raw materials, yielding an exquisite range of fine, natural plant extracts, which are setting new standards for quality, purity and freshness.


Some of the raw materials include:

  Yew Needles and Bark (for "Taxol")   Ginger Flowers   Blue cheese
  Palm Fruits (for "Sitosterol")   Black Pepper   Chocolate
  Feverfew (for "Parthenolides")   Black Tea   Butter
  Cactus Flowers (for insect repellant)   Meadow Sweet   Taxol/Taxaine
  St. John's Wort (for "Hypericin")   Mogra   Tonka beans
  Turmeric (Fingers and Potatoes)   Cistus Labdaniferus   Coffee
  Coriander Seed and Herb   Cinnamon   Cocoa
  Melissa   Vanilla   Papaya
  Clary Sage   Ginger Root   Pyrethrum
  Angelica   Cumin Seed   Ginseng
  Narcissus   Jasmine   Serenoa Repens
  Hyacinth   Sage   Ambrette Seed
  Artemissia absinthum   Aloes Wood   Frankinsense
  Artemissia anva   Roses   Myrrh
  Sandal Wood   Bog myrtle   Opopanax
  Dill   Fennel seed   Paprika
  Freesia   Red Thyme   Dalia Spinosa
  Elder Flowers   Origanum   ... and many more
  Orange Blossom   Dalmatian Sage  


All these products have been prepared:



We frequently work with clients in confidence.

For expert information please contact our consultant Dr. Peter Wilde on:

+ 44 (0) 1 845 523452 (phone & fax)



Length 2.5 m
Width 2.2 m
Height 2.6 m
(Extended: 3.7 m)
Weight 2000 Kg
Power load 3 kW
Single phase 240v 50Hz
Capacity 2x200 L
Solvent capacity 200 L
Material of construction Stainless steel 316
Vessel design standard BS 5500

NB. Larger custom designed plants built to order


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