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We use a variety of techniques in the design of equipment to ensure that product processing is of the highest standard.

Our process equipment can be used for a wide variety of applications, but the main function of each falls roughly into three main categories:


Most of our vessels use some kind of mixing technique, for processing liquids, powders and pastes under pressure, vacuum or atmospheric conditions.

We custom build agitation for manipulating specific products, such as variable speed contra rotating for mixing creams etc.

More information on the High Flow Shear Mixer

Homogenisers and High Flow Shear mixers can be added to vessels to increase their versatility further.

Heating methods such as steam, gas, thermal oil and electric are used by our equipment for cooking food products, blending cosmetics and mixing fine chemicals.

All our vessels are insulated to the highest standards to prevent unnecessary loss of heat.

More information on Dimple Jackets We fit our Dimple Jackets to certain vessels to reduce heat loss further and improve productivity.

We employ state of the art cooling methods in many of our machines to give the quickest possible cooling, whilst still maintaining excellent sanitary conditions and product integrity.

There are three main cooling techniques we use - glycol, nitrogen and vacuum.

More information on the Corrocool THE CORROCOOL

The Corrocool uses a simple patented cooling technique to decrease the time taken to cool products to the time it takes to heat them, whilst still preserving the taste and colour of the most delicate of substances.

Available in a range of sizes from 200 to 2000 Litres.

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Vacuum Cooler

Our vacuum cooling vessels use a high vacuum created via a steam boiler, giving cooling times of 25 to 40 mins.

Features include:

  • Large discharge point for fast removal of product
  • Variable speed agitation
  • Large head space for foaming products

The process is controlled by an IP65 cabinet.
Capacity ranges from 50 to 2000 Litres.

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