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The following table shows the main vessels and accessories we manufacture, and the general purpose each are used for.

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Multi Purpose Equipment

The Overmix
Multi purpose mixing vessel (Atmospheric)
Heating and mixing delicate food products More information
The Overmix
Multi purpose mixing vessel (Pressure vacuum)
Heating and mixing delicate food products under vacuum or pressure More information
Contra-rotating mixing vessel
Uniform mixing of creams and liquids with ease of discharge through optional tilting pan More information
Multi High Shear Mixer
Powders to liquids
A Mixer accessory for use with many different vessels.
Ideal for introducing powders to liquids
More information
Aromatic Oil Extractor Uses a unique method of solvent extraction to prepare an extremely wide range aromatic oils, at ambient temperatures

The Euromix
Sigma duplex blender
Blending of dough, paste, powders etc. Perfect for handling the blending and discharge of viscous products More information
Euroblend Mixer
Plough share mixer
Ideal for many blending duties including granulating, conditioning and refining

Jet Cooker
Self contained cooking unit
Used for the production of jellies and gums
Still / Concentrator
Jacketed tilt pan
Used for boiling herbs and similar products, and also ideal for essential oil extraction More Information
Automatic Stir Fry Brat Pan with a touch of magic
Fast uniform cooking and sealing of many different food products More information

Rapid all-product cooler
Rapid cooling of a wide range of products, without damage, using a patented cooling technique More information


Portable Vessels
Hygienic Portable Holding Vessels
Transfer of product by vacuum or pressure More information


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